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Live-event filming – headmaster’s speech

STEM outreach – We love Physics!
STEM outreach – Filming at CERN

Filming a headmaster speech

A few weeks ago, we arrived early at the Nobel school in Stevenage to film the headmaster speech.

We set up multiple cameras to get different point-of-views, making the video more appealing and dynamic to watch. We tested the sound of all speakers, as the auditorium is large. Live event filming is something we are very used to and have great experience in doing. The purpose of this video was to allow prospective pupils who could not attend, to watch it online. It currently features live on their website. See below a shortened version of their film, to show how multiple camera angles make the film vibrant and engaging!

Last year, we filmed the headmaster speech as well, and the Nobel School also entrusted us with filming a letterbox video for their website.

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